Joe Wolf

Welcome. Let me introduce myself.


I help build web applications, web portals and websites for a living. I used to be a coder but these days I manage teams. I have a broad skillset which began with humble HTML and CSS but has broadened to cover experience in Java, C# .NET, JSP, ASP, PHP, MySQL, MSSQL and many others.

I currently work at NetNames as the Head of Development, managing multiple teams across multiple disciplines in three seperate offices. I don't do that much programming these days but still keep my hand in. The latest tech stack we are using is a combination of .NET MVC, OData, Ember.js and Entity Framework, with NServiceBus for scalability.

Here are some of the sites I worked on and remain proud of from when I was a coder: is a domain name reseller for corporates. You won't see very much here other than a login screen. It's part of NetNames. is a domain name reseller primarily focused on the european market. It's also part of NetNames. is also domain name reseller primarily but this time focused on the uk market. You guessed it, it's part of NetNames. is the site for a property fund management company, for whom I was Lead Developer and IT manager. It may have changed a bit since I was there. is funded by the Arts Council, the John Lewis Partnership and the Dept of Health. It was launched by the Poet Laureate, Andrew Motion in April 2008. is the charity which created the Poems for... project. They promote ideas and initiatives which advance community. is a pioneering site offering a directory of local mental health services. It was funded by NHS Westminster and involved close partnership work with local professionals and service users.

A portfolio including these and other projects I have worked lives at